anne-marie peters

ceramist Tokyo


The last several years have brought me to several cities, in several countries, in several regions within this same world...
My life started in Belgium, we left in 2000 to move to Abu Dhabi followed by Shanghai, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne and now Tokyo.

Without exception all these different experiences influenced me personal and my work. All together they did change my view on the world and my perception of things and stuff.

All my creations are hand built and made from clay & glazes which are natural materials. I prefer slow-making and the final shape and organic look of my pieces will only reveals itself after 2 firings.

My first ceramics classes date back more than 15 years and several classes and workshops brought me new skills and called upon my further creativity.

Only months into our overseas experience my first work saw the daylight and I didn’t stop exploring new ideas and techniques since then. More than enough reasons to regularly check out this space and see what the future will bring…